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Love Thinks is all about relationships. Our mission is to develop engaging, entertaining, and informative resources for personal growth and the development and maintenance of healthy relationships. 

All of our programs are based around the Relationship Attachment Model (RAM; click here for research on the RAM), which is a picture of a relationship and the five dynamic bonds that make up a relationship. We believe that in order to be able to take charge of your relationships and make meaningful and lasting changes, you must be able to (1) remember what our programs teach and (2) be able to visualize and define confusing constructs and emotional experiences in relationships (i.e. “falling out of love” “falling in love” “losing trust” and so on). The unique feature of all of the Love Thinks programs is the RAM which provides a simple picture of the program content that can the be unpacked in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

Love Thinks offers five programs. The PICK Program for singles teaches how to choose a healthy partner and develop a relationship in a safe way. Couple LINKS teaches couples how to rebalance the natural fluctuations in closeness in their relationship and how to deepen intimacy. Our Home Runs is a family program and provides a framework for building closeness and openness between parents and their kids. Ultimate Spiritual R&R teaches how to build resiliency through exploring and deepening spirituality. And Counseling with the RAM provides professionals a theoretical framework for developing the therapeutic alliance, as well as developing a treatment and follow-up plan.