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Three of the Love Thinks programs offer instructor certifications. A Certified Instructor is someone who has either attended a live instructor certification seminar with Dr. Van Epp or has purchased the Instructor Certification Packet (ICP) and completed and passed the online certification test in the PICK A Partner, the Couple LINKS Program, or Our Home Runs.  After certification, Instructors are able to facilitate classes using program's video series or teach the program using the Instructor's Manuals. Instructors are also able to receive discounts on participant workbooks. 

The Instructor Certification Packet includes: an Instructor Manual, with matching PowerPoint, sample participant workbook, DVD of the participant course, DVD of the Instructor training course, and a large tri-fold RAM to use when teaching the course. The Instructor's Manuals are 100+ page manuals containing suggested group formats, extensive lesson plans with exercises and group activities for each of the sessions, and research and theory sections. The Instructor Certification Packets are required for the certification of all group facilitators and instructors.