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The PICK Program for singles of all ages

The PICK program is widely used in all branches of the military, in churches, schools and universities, and in non-profit organizations. The PICK program is available in the following versions: military, Christian, young adult, Spanish and Mandarin, Online version called Head Meets Heart and small discussion group. 

Couple LINKS for committed couples

The LINKS program is used in all branches of the military, in churches and by non-profit organizations. The LINKS program is available in the following versions: military, Christian, Spanish and Mandarin and small discussion group.

Our Home Runs for families

The Our Home Runs program is currently used extensively with military families. There is one version of the Our Home Runs program that is able to be used with military or civilian populations.

Home Run Dads for fathers

The Home Run Dads course teaches fathers how to run their relationships with their children. This course teaches fathers how to develop respect, teamwork, loyalty, appreciation between them and their kids.

*This course is also able to be taught as Home Run Parents. When you get certified in Home Run Dads you are also certified in Home Run parents.

Ultimate Spiritual R&R for becoming resilient through spirituality

The Ultimate Spiritual R&R course is used by all branches of the military. This course teaches individuals how to increase resiliency through spirituality.

Relationship Counseling with the RAM for professionals

The Relationship Counseling with the RAM course is for professionals and Dr. John Van Epp is available to do live certifications. This certification is coming soon to our Online offerings. 

*If you'd like to be notified when the online certification is available, please send us an email here.

Rock Solid Marriage Ready for engaged couples

This online course is for engaged couples. It includes video instruction, animations, a downloadable workbook, skill sheets, and a Couple Check Up.

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